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3 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Probate Law Attorney August 10, 2017

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
3 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Probate Law Attorney, Brooklyn, New York

When a loved one dies, all of their assets must go through the probate process before beneficiaries can access them, regardless of whether or not there is a will. Unfortunately, this process can take a significant amount of time, especially when there are disputes or financial discrepancies. If you recently lost a relative and want to ensure a smooth probate process, turn to the probate law attorneys at Salis Law P.C. in Brooklyn, NY.

3 Reasons to Hire a Probate Law Attorney

1. Identify & Find All Relevant Assets

Your probate law attorney has the knowledge and experience to identify the assets that need to go through the probate process. If you are the executor of the will, your lawyer will help you find and liquidate these assets as needed to fulfill the last wishes of your loved one. 

2. File All Necessary Paperwork

probate lawThere is a lot of paperwork associated with settling an estate, and if you have never acted as an executor, it may feel overwhelming. When you hire a probate lawyer, you will have access to quality legal counsel every step of the way. Your attorney will help you complete all paperwork accurately and thoroughly, ensuring you file it with the appropriate offices before any deadlines have passed.

3. Prevent Unnecessary Delays

The probate process can be a lengthy one, and if you make any mistakes during the proceedings, it will only serve to extend the duration. Your probate attorney will ultimately prevent you from making mistakes that will result in delays, so the beneficiaries can access the assets they deserve as soon as possible.

If you need a probate law attorney in Brooklyn, NY, turn to Salis Law P.C. They offer free consultations, so you can determine if they will be a good fit for your family. To learn more about their experience in estate planning law, check out their website, and call (212) 655-5749 to schedule an initial consultation today.

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