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Honey Toast: What It Is & Why You Need to Try It September 12, 2017

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Honey Toast: What It Is & Why You Need to Try It , Honolulu, Hawaii

Honey toast is a popular Taiwanese dessert or snack that pairs well with bubble tea, a green or black tea mixed with milk or fruit and tapioca pearls called boba. Whether you choose a simple spread on your slice or you prefer a sweet treat stacked with ice cream and candy, honey toast can be made to your liking. If you aren’t sure what honey toast is, Tea Time Taiwan in Honolulu and Pearl City, HI, breaks down what the snack consists of and why you need to taste it today.

A Guide to Honey Toast

What Is Honey Toast?

Honey toast is made from white bread that is toasted and topped with ice cream, cookies, candy, syrup, fruit, cereal, or sweet spreads to complete the dessert. The white bread should be thick and fluffy and able to hold an array of delectable toppings of different flavors and textures.

honey toastThe toast itself is made from a whole rectangular loaf cut into a cube with crust on five sides. The center of the loaf is cut out and then sliced. Melted butter and warm honey are brushed on each slice as well as the interior of the loaf.

Sugar is sprinkled over the slices, and the bread is baked until golden. The toasted bread slices can be served as is with any delicious confections, or they can be reset inside the hollowed loaf to make a gorgeous presentation.

Why Should You Try It?

Honey toast is a personalized delight that can be made as a meal or a tasty snack. The topping choices are endless based on your own palate. Even though honey toast goes with any beverage, it pairs best with a pearl milk tea, which balances the sweetness of your favorite honey toast layers.

Tea Time Taiwan brings the flavors and treats of Taiwan to Oahu. Their menu consists of the popular bubble tea as well as the best honey toast in the area. The restaurant boasts a large selection of authentic milk and bubble teas, desserts, and snacks, all made from the latest techniques and ingredients owner Ivy discovers on her frequent visits to Taiwan. Check out their menu online or call (808) 600-5931.

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