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How Better Math Skills Can Improve Other Academic Subjects July 28, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
How Better Math Skills Can Improve Other Academic Subjects, Staten Island, New York

Math can be a challenging subject for many young learners, but its importance both in education and the real world cannot be overstated. In fact, according to the math tutors at FasTracKids, mathematics skills are essential to many different academic subject areas. And improving these skills can help your child excel in all of their studies. Below, the East Village, NY, tutors discuss three subjects that can benefit from better math skills.

3 Academic Subjects That Can Be Improved by Better Math Skills

1. The Sciences

Science and math go hand in hand. Math tutors say chemistry and physics, in particular, require a high level of math proficiency, and students will need a comprehensive mathematical understanding to effectively read scientific charts, graphs, and other data. Computer Sciences also typically involve math when students are writing computer programs and reading or developing algorithms.

2. Social Studies

math tutorSocial studies classes rely heavily on statistical knowledge and data. Having solid foundational knowledge in math is crucial to comprehending the numbers associated with social groups and classifications. Geography, too, is a social studies subject, and students are often tasked with figuring out numbers related to elevation, mapmaking, and surveying.

3. Reading & Writing

Though the relationship between math and English skills may be less clear, it is—nonetheless—significant. Poetry, for example, can be a difficult subject matter for many students, but math can serve as a gateway to understanding concepts like poetic meter, measure, rhythm, and rhyme scheme. Using practical problem-solving methods learned in math, students are also able to plan and organize their writing projects much more easily and effectively.

FasTracKids' math tutors are here to expand your child's math skills and all the academic areas impacted by mathematical ability. Call (212) 375-9500, visit their website, or connect with them on Facebook to learn more about any of their educational offerings, including after-school programs, gifted and talented test prep, and preschool. Let the math tutors at FasTracKids help the young learner in your life soar to new heights of academic success.

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