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3 Tips for Properly Storing Your Scuba Diving Equipment July 18, 2017

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3 Tips for Properly Storing Your Scuba Diving Equipment, Kettering, Ohio

Scuba diving is a sport enjoyed across the planet by millions of people. With the proper training and equipment, diving makes for incredible vacations, opportunities for exploration, and endless hours of fun and adventure. Scuba gear is a major investment for those looking to get into the sport, and properly maintaining your equipment is crucial. To help you better maintain your equipment, the experts from Southern Ohio Diving Academy in Dayton have three tips for storing it the right way.

3 Tips for Storing Your Scuba Gear

1. Wash Everything Well

Saltwater is naturally corrosive, so any equipment left wet after an ocean dive runs the risk of rusting or decaying more quickly. Wash all of your equipment well with clean, fresh water to remove any salt and minerals. Wetsuits should be thoroughly washed and left to dry in the sun fully before folding them for storage.

2. Protect Your Regulator

scuba divingYour regulator and air tanks are the most crucial pieces of diving equipment you have. When returning from a dive, place the dust cap on your regulator, and rinse the entire apparatus thoroughly. Gently shake out the mouthpiece and hang it up to dry. When it is completely free of water, coil the tubes without bending them and store them out of direct sunlight.

3. Keep Original Cases & Bags

Your mask and diving computer are both important items that deserve protection while they’re in storage to prevent any cracks or unexpected damage. Dive masks typically come with a durable plastic case to keep them in. Computers may also come with a box or a bag, but a small plastic storage container will do fine if yours didn’t. Like everything else, rinse and dry these items well before storing them.

If you are looking for further advice on diving gear or are hoping to acquire your scuba certification in Ohio, call the team from Southern Ohio Diving Academy. They are a diamond dive center certified by Scuba Schools International and have over 20 years of experience in certification and training. Call them at (937) 298-2999, or visit them online to learn more.  

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