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St. Charles Kids' Dentist Explains How to Prevent Tooth Decay August 11, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
St. Charles Kids' Dentist Explains How to Prevent Tooth Decay, St. Charles, Missouri

Taking your children to a kids' dentist is the best thing you can do for their dental health. The foundation you lay now has a profound effect on their future dental hygiene habits and their likelihood of developing oral health problems like cavities. Key West Dental in St. Charles, MO, is dedicated to your child's dental health, and they explain how to prevent tooth decay.

Brushing Instruction

Kid's DentistEven if your children know the basics of brushing, they're likely to need continued direction. It's easy for a child to miss a spot while brushing, press too hard, or floss incorrectly. A kids' dentist can help them learn better oral hygiene techniques, which will keep them healthy and lower their chance of needing tooth fillings.

Early Detection

In dentistry, the earlier a problem is identified, the easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming it is to fix. Tartar buildup or weakening enamel can be addressed with fluoride, a professional cleaning, and better brushing. But once it develops into a cavity, your child will need a filling. If that treatment isn't completed promptly, one filling is likely to turn into several. By taking your child in for regular visits, you allow the staff at Key West Dental to catch problems early.

Preventative Treatments

With the right procedures, your kids' dentist may prevent problems from developing at all. A thorough dental cleaning at each visit helps limit the buildup of plaque and tartar, which takes away hiding places from oral bacteria. Meanwhile, fluoride treatments strengthen enamel, making it more resistant to the attacks of remaining bacteria. Dental sealants prevent a majority of cavities in the most common location on the chewing surfaces of the molars.

As a parent, you want your child to be healthy and comfortable. Regular visits to Key West Dental do that by preventing tooth decay and teaching your child good hygiene habits. If it's time for your kid’s next visit, make an appointment today by calling (636) 947-0001 or contact them via their website.

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