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Family Dining Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Entertained July 31, 2017

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
Family Dining Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Entertained, Gulf Shores, Alabama

When you think of family dining, you may imagine a bag packed with essentials to keep kids busy alongside delicious fare from your favorite restaurant. There are many fun, creative ways to keep little ones entertained before and during a meal.

Below are just a few ways to accomplish this:  

  • Back to the Basics: Some parents make the mistake of overpacking in the case of a “kidmergency.” However, bringing games or toys with too many pieces or even a big pack of crayons can spell disaster before appetizers even hit the table. Instead, play games that utilize a minimal amount of props, such as “which hand is the coin in?” Young children will get a kick out of this silly activity. 
  • Electronics-Free Fun: It may seem tempting to leave your kids with the “iPad baby sitter” while you are deep in your Instagram feed, but fostering communication with your family is one of the best reasons to go out to lunch or dinner together. If the kids are a little older, try word games or brain teasers. This way, you’re engaging your children and spending quality time as a family. 
  • family dinnerOpportunity for Input: While it may seem counterintuitive to ask your children what you should eat for dinner, many kids value the idea of being put in charge of an idea or project. Use the menu as your prop and ask them what they think you should eat, then follow up with questions like, “What do you think is the weirdest thing on this menu?” or “What food would you eat every day?” 


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