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Why It's Crucial to Take Safety Precautions When Handling Propane August 10, 2017

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Why It's Crucial to Take Safety Precautions When Handling Propane, Honolulu, Hawaii

Propane is an efficient energy source for businesses and homeowners because it’s versatile and stores easily. But after you receive a fuel delivery from Honolulu, HI’s Fuelman, the team implores you to take precautions when using it. Propane can cause a safety hazard when it’s improperly handled.

Why Safety Is Important

While it’s extremely unlikely for a propane tank to explode, it’s possible for a gas leak to occur. If there is a gas leak, the source is usually the hoses and connections rather than the tank itself. You can easily test for a gas leak by spraying the hoses and connections with soapy water. If the water is bubbling, you’re dealing with a leak. It’s critical to have this problem repaired immediately because it poses a fire risk and is unsafe to inhale.

If you smell propane, extinguish any open flames and evacuate the area. Turn off the gas supply valve, too, if possible. Next, you’ll need to call your supplier or 911, depending on the situation. If there is a fire, you’ll need emergency responders. If your tank needs to be replaced, your propane supplier should help.

Safety Tips for Handling Propane

propaneWhen you’re dealing with this gas, always read and follow the instructions found on the side of the tank. You should also familiarize yourself with how to operate the propane-fueled equipment, whether that’s a stove, a grill, or something else. Never store tanks in your living spaces, car, or basement, and always secure them before transporting. Finally, if you’re hooking up new appliances that require propane, hire a technician to do the job.

Your safety is important. That’s why you should give the staff at Fuelman a call at (808) 842-3835 if you have any questions about handling propane. In addition to delivering it to your home or business and setting up the connections, they can teach you how to handle the tank cautiously. You can learn more about their services on their website

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