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A Nursing Home Lawyer Discusses Nursing Home Abuse Law August 11, 2017

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A Nursing Home Lawyer Discusses Nursing Home Abuse Law, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Most nursing homes provide safe environments and caring personnel to serve residents, but what should someone do when abuse occurs? From their offices in Lexington, KY, Spencer Law Group’s nursing home lawyers discuss how the law protects residents from harmful acts.

Nursing Home Abuse Law: A Nursing Home Lawyer’s View

Legal Protections for Residents

Government agencies, including adult protective services, investigate reports of nursing home abuse and take actions such as removing abused residents and seeking penalties against facility owners. Criminal laws allow the prosecution of individuals and nursing home owners for acts such as battery or false imprisonment. Civil lawsuits seek money damages to compensate for negligent care and intentional abusive acts.

Proving Civil Cases of Abuse

nursing-home-lawyer-Lexington-KYTo prove abuse, nursing home lawyers must show the nursing home owners, administrators, or employees owed a duty of care to the injured resident; that their conduct breached, or violated the duty; that the breach and conduct caused the resident’s injury; and an amount of damages resulting from the injury.

Ways to Prove Abuse

The ways nursing home lawyers show abuse include acts involving inadequate employee hiring practices and care or supervision of residents. Threats or physical mistreatment, such as employees grabbing or slapping residents, denying them food, or refusing to clean them if they have soiled themselves are acts of abuse. Failing to maintain premises, such as bathrooms and common areas, or equipment, such as beds and medical equipment, can constitute abuse.

Spenser Law Group attorneys offer 20 years of experience to individuals who need representation in nursing home abuse cases. These skilled and compassionate nursing home lawyers fight for nursing home residents and their families throughout central Kentucky. You can count on these dedicated attorneys to protect your loved ones because they care.

If you suspect someone is suffering nursing home abuse, contact a nursing home lawyer at Spencer Law Group in Lexington, KY. Call (859) 252-4357 to make a consultation appointment with an injury attorney, or visit the firm online to schedule your consultation.

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