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Inside the Engine: How Car Radiators Prevent Overheating August 10, 2017

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Inside the Engine: How Car Radiators Prevent Overheating, Rochester, New York

Most vehicles’ engines are built to withstand internal temperatures of up to 220 degrees. To prevent combustion, a car radiator is required to keep the system cooled down. Each component plays an important role in the cooling process, preventing overheating and increasing safety levels during every ride.

How Your Engine Stays Cool


car radiatorThis large block of metal keeps hot coolant under control as it rinses in from the engine. Without a radiator, coolant would remain at alarmingly high temperatures and overheat your engine. As it flows through the radiator tube, however, the temperature lowers and the heat dissipates.

The radiator cap opens up and provides access to the coolant itself, allowing you to check its level and add more as needed. Monitoring it is a vital aspect of keeping your car radiator in prime condition. 

Radiator Hoses & Fan

These hoses are the sole mode of transportation that moves coolant to the engine. The system is composed of two sturdy hoses catered to the unique vehicle type; a large truck will have a different system than a small passenger vehicle. Either way, these valuable auto parts serve the same function.

The fan is mounted directly in front of the radiator. It blows air into the radiator, which lowers the temperature of the coolant as it flows throughout the engine.

Water Pump & Thermostat

A water pump does exactly what its name indicates: it pumps coolant through the radiator and into the engine. The thermostat is attached to the pump and maintains temperatures for a safe, regulated coolant flow.


If any of these components malfunction, it’s important to bring your car to an auto repair shop right away. Since 1958, BJR Auto Radiator Service has provided Rochester, NY, with top-notch car radiator service. Whether your vehicle overheats or you need a simple maintenance checkup, these mechanics will tackle any task. Visit their website for more information, or call (585) 436-0698 to schedule an appointment today!

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