Skyland Park, Alabama

do mice and rats carry disease??? July 14, 2017

Skyland Park, Mobile
do mice and rats carry disease???, Mobile, Alabama

Can they? The Bubonic Plague was the result of rats carrying fleas and the fleas bit the people, thus infecting the person. Rats and mice do not have a bladder, therefore they dribble every where they go. (urine)  Odor can become a big problem with large colonies of rats or mice. Damage to furniture and buildings is common. Electric wires, water lines on appliances, water hoses and wiring on cars are some of the damage caused by chewing mostly by rats. Feces after drying can be picked up by wind and can cause allergies. B & W Pest Control has a lot of experience (since 1978) dealing with pest of all kinds.  is a link to low rates, no contract, pricing over the phone, with guarantees. Click and give us your opinion of our articles.

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