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Technology And Worker's Compensation August 4, 2017

Waterbury, New Haven, CT
Technology And Worker's Compensation, Waterbury, Connecticut

If you are injured at work please be aware that advancements in technology may well play a role in proving your workers compensation case. If you suffered a personal injury at work please turn to the Law Office of Thomas L. Brayton III in Waterbury, CT to help you win the workers compensation benefits your are entitled to and get the medical treatment you need in order to get back to work and protect your family.

Maybe there is a surveillance camera that will help prove your work injury and how it happened. If a fellow worker saw you get hurt but is afraid he or she will get fired for saying so, perhaps the surveillance footage demonstrates that your co-worker did in fact see you get hurt. This will help prove you were injured at work.  

If your boss does not believe you suffered a personal injury perhaps you texted him or her when the injury happened. If the insurance company denies your case and you go to trial, you can use the text to prove your workers compensation case. Remember, the text does not lie!

The workers compensation insurance company will use all its power to limit or deny your personal injury at work, so let an injury attorney help you use all the technology at your disposal to help win your workers compensation case.

If you suffer a personal injury at work and need to file a workers compensation claim, the 2017 AV Preeminent Attorney from the Law Office of Thomas L. Brayton III will help you file a workers compensation claim and seek compensation.

He is an injury attorney and most likely can help. To schedule an initial consultation with an injury attorney in Waterbury or Bethlehem, CT, call (203) 591-8689. You can learn more about the firm’s experience representing motorcycle accident victims by visiting their website

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