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The Effect Weather Has on Flooring & What You Can Do About It August 11, 2017

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The Effect Weather Has on Flooring & What You Can Do About It, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Adjusting the thermostat due to outdoor temperature changes is a normal part of home life; however such fluctuations affect more than the comfort of interior spaces. Weather can have a profound effect on flooring materials, resulting in an array of costly problems. Despite their aesthetic quality and low maintenance, hardwood and laminate flooring are among the floor types most susceptible to weather changes. Learn how weather affects your flooring below and how you can mediate the effects.

Humidity Factor

Hot, humid conditions cause porous flooring types to swell—these include laminate and solid and engineered hardwood. If the humidity level in your home reaches 60% or above, swelling can become severe enough to allow moisture to seep through. This results in problems such as warping and lifted floor boards. Laminate floors in the square tile style may buckle or bulge in the middle as they lift in humid conditions. Warped flooring creates gaps between boards, which subsequently curl around the edges. This issue is also referred to as cupping.

Chill Factor

flooringDry, cold temperatures have the opposite effect on laminate and hardwood flooring. Boards often shrink in reaction to chilly weather, which reduces any warping and cupping. However, flooring will expand as soon as humid weather returns and create the same problems. Continual shrinking and expanding with the seasons often contribute to premature flooring wear and tear.

Prevention Methods

Preventing weather-related laminate and hardwood flooring damage involves monitoring the humidity level in your home and using appliances such as air conditioners and dehumidifiers whenever necessary. Other helpful hints include keeping the flooring clean while avoiding the use of water and water-based products. Mopping your floors will only add to the moisture level and contribute to wood or finish damage.


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