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3 Types of Seafood to Eat for an Iron Boost August 8, 2017

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3 Types of Seafood to Eat for an Iron Boost, Orange Beach, Alabama

Has your doctor advised you to increase your iron intake? Perhaps you’ve issued a self-imposed dietary change to stave off iron deficiency. Certain types of seafood contain significant quantities of dietary iron. When you dine at Barefoot Island Grill in Orange Beach, AL, you can enjoy something delicious and helpful to add to your Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of iron.

Up Your Iron Intake With These 3 Types of Seafood

Image may contain: food1. Fish

In general, fresh fish is an excellent source of iron. Six ounces of tuna, for example, offers approximately 1.5 milligrams, while the same quantity of cod contains 0.8 milligrams. You can also enjoy fresh haddock, flounder, and trout to obtain a sufficient amount of iron with your lunch or dinner.

2. Shellfish

Oysters are packed with iron. In fact, just one medium-sized oyster contains between three and five milligrams. Since few people stop at just one, it’s safe to say eating a plate full at the restaurant is an excellent way to meet your RDA. Eight large pieces of shrimp contain about 1.3 milligrams, and a single cup of lobster includes about half a milligram.

3. Seaweed

Vegetarians can get their iron fix from seafood too! Different types of seaweeds provide an iron-packed punch. Roasted Japanese seaweed sheets, for example, contain nearly half a milligram of iron in 10 pieces. The same quantity can be found in a quarter-cup of kelp. Adding these to a fresh salad or enjoying them with the main course is an easy way to add some iron to your day.

If your iron levels are low or you simply feel weak and think you need a little boost, a dietary change could be just what you need to experience relief. Start with a seafood dish at Barefoot Island Grill for a healthy, flavorful option with something appealing to all palates! Visit the restaurant’s website to view their menu or call (251) 256-0055.

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