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How to Start Planning Your Residential Landscaping in 3 Steps July 21, 2017

East Hamilton, Hamilton
How to Start Planning Your Residential Landscaping in 3 Steps, Hamilton, Ohio

If you are new to landscape design, you may find the gorgeous and complex examples of residential landscaping in your area rather intimidating. The pros at Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH, completely understand your hesitation—no one starts off as an expert, after all. To help you figure out what to do with those brick pavers or where to locate that retaining wall, they offer the following suggestions for beginners on how to plan out landscaping features.         

3 Simple Steps to Design Your Residential Landscaping 

1. Decide What You Want

Residential landscaping in Hamilton, OHHow do you and your family intend to use the space? Do you want a vegetable garden or space to entertain? Do your children need a place to play? Make a list of the things you want, such as a walkway of brick pavers, a patio for hosting barbecue parties, or a grassy area where you can lie on your back and watch the clouds and stars. Then draw a quick sketch of your yard or garden and fill in the features you want.

2. Pay Attention to the Sun & Wind

Residential landscaping professionals always examine wind and sun patterns before settling on a design. For instance, if you notice your outdoor space has a southeasterly breeze, you shouldn't locate a concrete barbecue grill on the northwest corner unless you want to smoke everyone out. Similarly, if you enjoy watching the sunset, consider orienting your patio and seating so it faces westward. However, understand that such an orientation could make the area uncomfortably hot during the late afternoon.

3. Think Big, but Start Small

Let your imagination loose and come up with lots of ideas, but start by implementing the simpler and less difficult ones. Success during your first project will give you valuable experience and the confidence to attempt something more complex. On the other hand, if you bite off more than you can chew the first time, you may be hesitant to make a second attempt.

If you find you need some expert guidance and professional assistance with landscape design, the residential landscaping team at Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH, can help you create a beautiful outdoor space that complements your family's lifestyle. Stop by their company website to view contact details, or call (513) 868-1828 to discuss your options with a friendly, helpful representative.

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