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3 Reasons Ballroom Dance Lessons Are Beneficial for Kids July 28, 2017

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3 Reasons Ballroom Dance Lessons Are Beneficial for Kids, Hamden, Connecticut

There have been numerous studies over the years on the benefits of physical activity for kids. Many of the results include stronger muscles and bones, less risk for type 2 diabetes, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Recently, there has been growing evidence of its effect on academic performance, social skills, and mental health, as well. Ballroom dance lessons, for example, provide these benefits and much more.

Here are just a few compelling reasons to sign your child up for lessons today: 

  • Good Friends: By introducing ballroom dance lessons, kids can make friends who have similar interests, and you can interact with parents who have schedules and goals for their kids comparable to your own. 

  • Coordination, Rhythm, & Posture: Fostering positive habits, such as good posture, will help children with their physical development as they age. Also, learning how to coordinate movements with a partner will teach them the value of teamwork. Professional teachers will guide your child and their classmates through kids dance classes, leading to improvements in skill and collaboration.  

  • Ballroom Dance lessonsBonding With Parents: If you decide to embark on the ballroom dancing journey with your child, you will have someone to confide in as your individual classes progress. This can increase motivation in a child and set a positive example for them to follow. Try dance classes for adults or private lessons so you can take that next step, or leap, into ballroom dancing with your child.


Interested in starting your child in ballroom dance lessons today? Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Hamden, CT, is an excellent choice. Call (203) 288-2482 to speak with a knowledgeable staff member or visit their website for more information. See you on the dance floor!

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