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Kitchen Remodeling 101: Do You Need an Island? July 27, 2017

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Kitchen Remodeling 101: Do You Need an Island?, Webster, New York

Whether you’re lacking countertop space or adequate seating, adding an island to your kitchen can transform the room. As one of the most popular additions in the kitchen remodeling industry, the benefits of an island may be enough to convince you to invest in one. Before you make the decision, though, the savvy team from Arrow Kitchens & Bath in Webster, NY, will give you the information you need.

Kitchen Remodeling Advice: Island or No Island?

Over the years, the kitchen has transformed from a room in which one person cooks to a multi-functional space for the whole family to enjoy. You can watch the news and try out your favorite recipes while your teen does homework at the island, or enjoy lunch while your spouse catches up on work emails. You can pull up bar stools to the island for a casual dinner, or serve an array of appetizers to the delight of your guests. If you want to maximize the space and function of your kitchen, an island may be for you.

kitchen-remodelingAn island can hold additional cabinets and drawers, new appliances, stovetops, or sinks. If all you need is extra space to eat, then a table may be sufficient. However, if you want additional space to cook, host, and work, then a kitchen island is for you.  

Before embarking on any kitchen remodeling project, you need to consider your space. Experts recommend maintaining at least 42 inches of clearance on all sides of the island. This distance allows adequate space for someone to cook, while another person walks by to open the fridge, for example. If your kitchen cannot accommodate the island, then you may want to extend your existing countertops, incorporate new storage solutions, or add a larger table instead.

Given the numerous benefits of an island, if the room fits—go for it! If you’re considering improving your space with kitchen remodeling, the experts from Arrow Kitchens & Bath have the tools, equipment, and expertise you need. Get started on your next project by calling today at (585) 670-9910 or visiting the team online

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