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Solving Life’s Minor Emergencies With Urgent Care July 24, 2017

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Solving Life’s Minor Emergencies With Urgent Care, Orange Beach, Alabama

When you need treatment for an injury or illness that isn’t life-threatening, an urgent care clinic may be the ideal solution. These facilities offer the same level of service as a hospital emergency room, but with a shorter waiting period before seeing a doctor or nurse. Here, Orange Beach Walk-In Medical Care in Baldwin County, AL, offers insight into why you should go to a walk-in care clinic. They provide a variety of services outside standard business hours, so you can get treatment when you need it most.

What Is the Difference Between Urgent Care & the ER?

Both facilities offer physical exams and first aid, but people with minor illnesses and injuries often wait longer in the ER because the staff needs to prioritize the most severe cases. Urgent care centers provide many of the same diagnostic services as the hospital, including lab testing to detect illnesses and X-rays to identify injuries. The staff is able to see patients quickly, so you don’t have to wait to receive care.

What Services Are Available?

urgent care Orange Beach ALUrgent care clinics offer the same services as a hospital or your general practitioner. Whether you are suffering from an allergic reaction to a bee sting or an ear infection, you can get the care you need. The clinic also diagnoses and treats minor illnesses such as sore throats, rashes, migraines, and colds.

If you are hurt in an accident, you can visit the clinic to treat injuries like sprains and broken bones. Being able to see a doctor right away means you don’t have to worry about prolonged pain and discomfort.

How Does Urgent Care Benefit Patients?

Since walk-in clinics stay open later than most medical providers, you can receive care over the weekend, on a holiday, or in the evening. If you injure your hand at 8 p.m., you can still get the treatment needed without waiting until tomorrow to see your regular doctor or spending hours in the ER.

These facilities are also ideal for those without insurance because they offer payment plans to patients who cannot afford to pay a lump sum. When it’s easy to pay for the care you need, you are more likely to seek treatment.

If you aren’t feeling well and don’t want to spend hours in the emergency room, visit your local urgent care clinic instead. Orange Beach Walk-In Medical Care offers treatment for a variety of minor injuries and illnesses. They’re available six days a week, so you can get care as soon as you need it. Visit them online or call (251) 964-7425 to learn more about their services.

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