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3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Porcelain Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel August 4, 2017

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3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Porcelain Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel, Jackson, California

Deciding on the décor and theme for your bathroom remodel can be a challenge. You want the space to look sophisticated, and installing porcelain tile throughout the space is a simple way to make an impact. The experienced tile contractor at Accents in Tile and Stone based in Jackson, CA, wants to help you get the bathroom design of your dreams, whether you’re redoing the kids’ bathroom or renovating your master suite.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right porcelain tile for your bathroom remodel:

  • Start With Your Favorite: Whether you have a favorite color, design, or texture, you’ll want to incorporate that tile into your bathroom remodel. Use this tile as inspiration for the rest of the room and let it guide your theme. After all, your remodel is about turning your house into your dream home, so why not let it reflect your unique taste?
  • Porcelain TilePick the Right Type: Porcelain tiles come in different classes based on the intended use of the tile. Those best suited for floors and countertops should be textured to prevent slipping while decorative tiles can be any texture you desire. Keep in mind that decorative and wall tiles are often more fragile and using them for flooring can lead to damaged tilework and dangerously slippery floors.
  • Decide Between Glazed & Unglazed: Porcelain tile comes in glazed and unglazed varieties. Glazed tiles feature a bright color painted on top of solid porcelain, which is then coated in a protective clear glaze. If the tile is damaged or the glaze wears away, the color will fade. Unglazed tiles incorporate the color throughout, giving you a consistent appearance as the surface wears down. Consider using glazed tiles for decorative touches and unglazed for flooring materials.

Make the most of your bathroom remodel and home restoration projects with help from Accents in Tile and Stone. Visit their website to learn more about their work and call (209) 822-6600 to schedule an estimate for your porcelain tile installation.

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