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When Should You Go in for a Deep Cleaning with a Dental Professional? July 27, 2017

Westminster, Adams
When Should You Go in for a Deep Cleaning with a Dental Professional?, Westminster, Colorado

When it comes to the prevention of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, traditional teeth cleaning won't always cut it. Some situations call for a deep cleaning, which is one of many reasons why the Westminster, CO, community depends on the expertise of Smile Rockers. With a strong focus on dental hygiene, they're the best source for deep cleaning services. But how often should you be going in for these specialized treatments in the first place? 

Deep cleaning, also referred to as scaling and root planing, is designed to remove hard and soft deposits of bacteria and plaque found both above and below the gums. This special method of cleaning aims to prevent bone loss and other causes of gum disease, which will eventually lead to further medical complications throughout the body. 

The key to determining when you need a deep cleaning starts with a full oral exam, complete with dental X-rays. Your dental professional will use a probe to measure gum pockets, paying special attention to those with a depth greater than four millimeters, which is one of the signs of gum disease. Meanwhile, X-rays are used to identify bone loss. If there is any loss spotted, the patient in question will be a likely candidate for a thorough deep cleaning. 

Since deep cleaning is a more expensive and extreme method of teeth cleaning, it should only be considered when deemed absolutely necessary. Gum disease is a serious condition, but don't hesitate to ask your dental professional questions if you're concerned about whether or not treatment is appropriate for you.

For reliable consultations, trustworthy dental professionals, and a stress-free environment, get in touch with Smile Rockers. Head to their website to learn more about their deep cleaning services, and call them at (303) 952-9796 to set up an appointment today.

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