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3 Common Water Leaks Your Local Plumber Can Fix August 10, 2017

Kaimuki, Honolulu
3 Common Water Leaks Your Local Plumber Can Fix, Honolulu, Hawaii

Of the many possible household malfunctions that may occur, an unexplained water leak is one of the most frustrating. Not only are they inconvenient, but they can also be expensive and time consuming to fix. Many pipe leaks require the assistance of a professional plumber. Luckily, most local plumbing companies are well-versed in the more common types of leaks and can address them efficiently, leaving you with a dry home and peace of mind. 

3 Common Leaks Your Plumber Can Fix for You

1. Faulty Water Heater

Any plumber will tell you that water heaters need to be monitored consistently. These machines can rust over time and build up debris, which can cause significant leakage. Homeowners should inspect their water heater often to check for sediment buildup. If there is a leak, call in your local plumber to help flush it out. 

2. Dripping Faucet

plumberA leaking faucet is one of the most common problems a plumber will come across in a residential setting. The sinks and other faucets in your home are used daily and go through a good amount of wear and tear, causing the parts to break down slowly over time. If enough pressure is put on the faucet’s parts, it can cause a disconnect from the hose and create a steady drip, which will eventually lead to erosion, mold growth and water damage. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to check under sinks for pipe leaks, so you can call for plumbing help if need be. 

3. Washing Machine Malfunctions

The washing machine and dishwasher in any home are likely two of the most often-used devices, and they are highly susceptible to leaks. The seals and hoses that connect these machines to the main water supply can be worn down over years of use, and if they aren’t monitored, they can lead to large leaks.  


If you’re a homeowner on Oahu, HI, and are experiencing water leaks in your abode, call the plumbers at Fast Rooter Plumbing. With 20 years of experience, these experts are well-versed in correcting leaks and can get your appliances back in working order in no time. Visit them online for more information on their services, and give them a call at (808) 734-4938 to schedule an appointment today.

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