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3 Ways Gravel Can Spruce Up Your Yard August 11, 2017

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3 Ways Gravel Can Spruce Up Your Yard, Butler, Kentucky

While a lush, grassy yard is a viable option for many homeowners, others should look to a more unique and easy-to-manage landscaping material. Gravel is an excellent construction material for anyone in the market for a low-maintenance option that contributes to a polished-looking lawn space. Gravel comes in myriad styles, so you’re sure to find a color and size that fits your vision. 

3 Creative Uses for Gravel

1. Gravel Garden

A gravel garden is an excellent alternative that not only looks great but creates the ideal environment for unique plants. Plants that flourish in warm weather and dryer conditions, such as succulents or lavender, will thrive in a gravel garden. Plus, plants that grow well in gravel usually require minimal upkeep, so you can enjoy its beauty without all the heavy lifting. 

2. Stepping Stone Filler

gravelWhether you’ve implemented stepping stones as a path from your home to the lawn or through a lively garden, you’ll need a landscaping material sturdy enough to bear heavy foot traffic. Gravel has the unique ability to provide stability between stepping stones while preventing standing water, puddles, or mud from tainting the natural aesthetic in your yard. 

3. Zen Garden

For the more adventurous landscaper, a traditional zen garden uses gravel in a unique and trendy way. Zen gardens usually entail an enclosed space filled with gravel and carefully positioned rock formations. The gravel is meant to represent the sea while the larger stones represent natural formations. Since zen gardens don’t feature any living plants, gravel makes the perfect base material as it can be manipulated into artistic patterns to reflect the traditional watery imagery. 

If you’re a homeowner in Greater Cincinnati, OH, and are in the market for landscaping materials, work with the team at Hilltop Basic Resources. Their inventory features everything from gravel and sand to crushed stone and everything in between. Visit them online for more information about how you can reinvent your landscaping or give them a call at (513) 684-8200.

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