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3 Tips for Buying Your First Orchestra or Band Instrument August 8, 2017

Tulsa, Tulsa County
3 Tips for Buying Your First Orchestra or Band Instrument, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Purchasing the first orchestra or band instrument is an exciting time in the life of any young musician. As long as you and your child give careful consideration to which instrument makes the most sense, you’ll be happy with your purchase for many years to come.

Located in Oklahoma, Tulsa Band & Guitars not only stocks a wide variety of musical instruments, but the staff also takes pride in guiding young musicians to instruments that they’ll love. Here are three key considerations as you contemplate which orchestra or band instrument might be best:

  • Consider Size: Like instruments, young musicians come in all different sizes and shapes. Some will make for better fits than others. If your son or daughter is a little taller and stronger, they may be up to the challenge of a more sizable instrument like a saxophone. But if they’re a little smaller, a clarinet may be a better fit, or they may prefer a nimbler delight, like a flute. 
  • band instrumentThink About Difficulty: It’s always a good idea to consult with a music teacher at your child’s school before making a purchase. Since some instruments are much more difficult to learn, it’s a better bet to start off with ones on the easier side. That likely means skipping the French horn for something more accessible, like a trumpet.
  • Follow Your Sound: Beyond the specs of the different instruments, it’s most important that your child falls in love with the sound of the one they choose. Ask them which sounds they gravitate toward, and you’ll have a good idea of where their passions lie. Since they’ll be playing and practicing all the time, it’s crucial that the young musician is stimulated and motivated by the distinct sound of their instrument. 

As you evaluate different orchestra and band instruments, don’t forget to consult with Tulsa Band & Guitars. You can speak to these musical professionals by calling (918) 663-3210. Learn more about the store by visiting their website.   

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