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Cincinnati Lumber Suppliers Explain How to Distress Wood August 11, 2017

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Cincinnati Lumber Suppliers Explain How to Distress Wood, Norwood, Ohio

Whether you're repairing part of an existing structure or adding a patina of age to a new item, wood distressing is a favored technique among many people. New lumber can be aged and weathered with just a little patience and a few basic techniques. The staff at Huber Lumber Co. in Cincinnati, OH, offers several methods you can mix and match for the exact look you want.

Surface Wear

LumberDistressing lumber often depends as much on texture as on color. Dings and nicks in the surface of your wood are normal with age. To add them to a new piece of lumber or millwork, you can strike the surface repeatedly with a metal chain, a sock filled with nuts and bolts, or the edge of a hammer.

Dulled Edges

Freshly-cut edges will stand out against wood which has seen some wear. Try taking a chisel to the edges and corners to give them the uneven, worn look of older lumber.

Insect Damage

Termites, carpenter bees, and woodworms leave their marks in aged wood. You'll need to imitate them with tacks, nails, or screws, particularly if this wood is being used to repair an existing item which has sustained similar damage.

Graying Colors

Wood which has been exposed to the sun or to harsher weather often takes on a gray tinge. To quickly age a piece of wood, place a steel wool pad into a spray bottle of white vinegar and leave it overnight. Then, spray the surface of the wood thoroughly with the mixture. For a darker tone, spray or rub the lumber with black tea first, then apply the vinegar mixture.

Paint Distressing

Painted wood also shows its own signs of weathering. To imitate old paint, apply a fresh coat and rub parts of it away with a damp cloth before it has fully dried. You can use this technique on bare wood or over a dry coat of paint in another color.

A weathered, antique look can lend a respectable air of age to furniture, siding, and fences. Use these techniques to get the same effect from new lumber. For more home improvement ideas or to inquire about building supplies, contact Huber Lumber Co. at (513) 731-4035 or get in touch online. You can also connect with the company on Facebook.

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