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3 Different Types of Court Reporting July 26, 2017

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3 Different Types of Court Reporting, Honolulu, Hawaii

For attorneys, court reporting service is of the utmost importance. To this end, it helps to know the different options available to your law firm, which is why Ralph Rosenberg-Court Reporters is looked at as a trusted resource among firms in Honolulu, HI. Not only does this skilled and accomplished staff offer a range of vital court reporting services, but they will also broaden your understanding of the options available to you to ensure you make an informed decision.

Court Reporting: 3 Different Options


court reportingStenography involves taking statements that are spoken during a hearing or trial and transcribing them with a stenotype machine. Stenographers utilize shorthand when taking notes, which is a method of transcribing notes quickly. Accuracy is also extremely important, and stenographers must ensure that the notes they take are identical to the words spoken in court.

Communications Access Realtime Translation (CART)

Communications Access Realtime Translation (CART) is another type of court reporting that entails transcribing speech into text for those with hearing disabilities. In this case, the transcriber’s text can be displayed multiple ways, from computer monitors and mobile devices to large projection screens. The goal is to ensure those with hearing disabilities are able to access important information within the court, without hampering the proceedings.

Deposition Reporting

You also have the option to enlist a deposition reporter. To this end, testimony will not be taken in court; instead, deposition reporters work with witnesses before a case actually goes to trial. In many instances, the reporter will be responsible for swearing in a witness, which is a task that is usually performed in a court setting by a judge or clerk. To perform this function, reporters must maintain a reporting license.

If you need court reporting for your law firm, look no further than Ralph Rosenberg-Court Reporters. Call (808) 524-2090 to learn more about hiring a reporter for your case, and visit the website for more information on their full range of services.

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