Kapoho Ahupua`a, Hawaii

An Electrician Compares Different Options for Solar Batteries & Power Stations June 29, 2017

Kapoho Ahupua`a, Pahoa-Kalapana
An Electrician Compares Different Options for Solar Batteries & Power Stations, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii

In this increasingly environmentally conscious world, a rising number of homeowners are starting to make the switch to solar energy. New technologies are constantly being developed in these efforts to help the planet, and as the team at Always On Electric in Hilo, HI, notes, solar batteries and power stations are two of the most important parts of any solar energy system. But which options does your local electrician recommend? Here’s a closer look at the differences between some of the most popular solar battery varieties.

Solar batteries and power stations play an essential role in many modern solar energy systems, as these allow homeowners to better deal with diverse situations, such as irregular recharging, deep cycling, and varied levels of grid energy.

Of course, not all batteries are created equal. Here’s a quick breakdown of the options:

  • electricianLithium Ion: Lithium ion batteries are more closely associated with smartphones and tablets, but adaptations have begun to make their way into the solar industry as well. For example, Blue Planet® solar batteries use ferrous phosphate to ensure superior safety, stability, recharging, and discharging in comparison to other battery options. These batteries come with a 21-year life expectancy while requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Lead-Acid: As many an experienced electrician can attest, lead-acid batteries have been used in conjunction with solar energy for several years thanks to their safety, 90% efficiency, and relatively lower cost. However, these batteries are known to require more maintenance than other models.
  • Flow Batteries: Flow batteries are a relatively new and low-cost technology, but they still have ground to gain in terms of efficiency and reliability. Currently, flow batteries and power stations need the support of extra sensors, containment vessels, and pumps for proper operation.

From repairing your home electrical wiring to helping you understand solar power, the electricians at Always On Electric can help you with a wide range of energy needs. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (808) 965-1596.

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