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Animal Care Center Offers 3 Rules for Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog July 14, 2017

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Wailuku
Animal Care Center Offers 3 Rules for Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog, Wailuku, Hawaii

Summer is the perfect time to embark on a road trip, and pet owners often enjoy bringing their dogs along with them. However, to make the journey safe and enjoyable for your four-legged friend, there are a few steps you need to take before you hit the road.

The professionals at Wailuku Pet Clinic in Hawaii are committed to keeping the pets of their clients healthy and happy. To ensure your dog stays safe while they ride with you in the car, the staff at this full-service animal care center has offered a few simple tips.

Animal Care Center Offers 3 Rules for Taking Road Trips With Dogs

animal care center1. Secure Your Dog in the Back Seat 

As nice as it might be to have a companion during your drive, it is a bad idea to travel with your dog in the front seat. The best option for pet transportation is a crash-tested crate, but if you do not have one available, secure your dog in the back seat with a harness or leash.

2. Keep the Windows Closed

Dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows, but allowing them to do this will endanger both your pet. Not only can road debris injure them by flying into their eyes or mouth, but there’s also the risk of your pup trying to jump out the window. If your car has power windows, disable them so your dog does not inadvertently open them by stepping on the button.

3. Bring Plenty of Water

In the chaos of last minute road trip preparations, it is easy to forget to pack water and a bowl for your pooch. But to stay healthy, dogs need regular access to water. This is especially important during a road trip, as the stress of the journey may cause them to become dehydrated more quickly. 

Before you bring your dog on a road trip, take them for a checkup at Wailuku Pet Clinic. This friendly and affordable animal care center offers a wide range of services, including X-rays and spay and neuter operations. Call (808) 244-7275 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to view their current specials.

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