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Local Children's Day Care Shares the Importance of Sunscreen August 2, 2017

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Local Children's Day Care Shares the Importance of Sunscreen, Cortlandt, New York

Whether at home or a children's day care, kids are more likely to be outdoors for hours during the summer. It’s important to protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays and instill the good habit of using sunscreen early on. To help keep your young ones safe, the teachers from A Rising Star Children's Center in Cortlandt Manor, NY, share some valuable information about why sunscreen is key.

Children’s Day Care on the Importance of Sunscreen

Skin Cancer Prevention

children's-day-careSkin cancer prevention isn’t just a concern for adults. In fact, sustaining a few bad sunburns during childhood can increase a person’s risk of developing skin cancer as they age. Any time your little one is outdoors, they should wear sunscreen — even on overcast days. Although clouds block visible light, UV rays still pass through and cause harm. 

Healthy Habits

Applying sunscreen as part of your daily summer routine teaches kids the importance of sun protection early on and makes them more responsible when they’re older. Children who haven’t made a habit of wearing sunscreen tend to be more fussy and negligent about it as teens and adults.

Protection When You’re Not Around

Most young children don’t recognize the early signs of sunburns, so they stay in the sun longer than they should. For sensitive kids, it takes as little as 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to get burned. If your little ones are leaving for a summer trip or a children's day care, make sure the staff provides them with sunscreen or supply them with your own.

If you’re looking for a center you can trust, choose A Rising Star Children's Center in Cortlandt Manor, NY. With over 40 years of teaching and childcare experience, their engaging school programs and learning centers have made them a favorite for local families. Whether your child is an infant or school age, they always put safety first and offer a variety of programs to develop your little one’s interests and skills. Visit the children’s day care online for more information, or call (914) 788-4582 to get in touch today.

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