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How Leadership Training Can Improve Your Influence Through a Focus on Emotional Intelligence July 20, 2017

Irvine Center, Irvine-Lake Forest
How Leadership Training Can Improve Your Influence Through a Focus on Emotional Intelligence, Irvine-Lake Forest, California

Leadership skills aren’t qualities that people are born with, but they’re imperative to one’s ability to succeed in the business world. According to Crestcom SoCal, a provider of leadership training courses throughout Southern California, emotional intelligence is at the heart of successful management. That’s why they’re proud to announce their “Leadership Influence Through Emotional Intelligence” course as part of their Bullet Proof Manager Training Program Sessions.

Taking place this July, leadership training seminar leader Colleen Stanley will discuss the following ways in which emotional intelligence can improve your ability to influence others:

  • leadership-trainingAllow You to Better Channel Your Emotions: Business managers are called to put out fires around the office on a daily basis. This stress can cause us to react off of our emotions, rather than by using our intellect.  “Leadership Influence Through Emotional Intelligence” is aimed at giving you the tools you need to slow things down when triggered by stressful situations in order to respond in a more thoughtful manner.

  • Set You Up for Improved Performance: Feeling good plays a big role in our ability to influence others. When we’re keyed into our peak emotional state, we can better control our performance and that of our coworkers. This course is designed to help you understand which emotions are beneficial for fostering the outcomes you desire at work. 

  • Mobilize Others Around a Compelling Vision: One of the most important aspects of being a leader is getting others to respond to the goals placed in front of them. This management development course is designed to give you the tools needed to unite your workforce around a common set of beliefs to benefit the good of everyone in your office.

While the ability to influence others might not be a characteristic most people are born with, leadership training can help develop our emotional intelligence to create a better, more productive business culture. Call Crestcom SoCal at (619) 204-9130 or visit them online to sign up for “Leadership Influence Through Emotional Intelligence,” or to learn more about their other leadership skills training courses.

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