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5 Common Transmission Services Explained By High Point's Leading Auto Repair Provider July 25, 2017

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5 Common Transmission Services Explained By High Point's Leading Auto Repair Provider, High Point, North Carolina

Transmissions play an integral role in all vehicles. However, unlike tires or brakes, many drivers aren't aware of the maintenance and repair options they will encounter throughout the service life of their automobile. The auto repair specialists at Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center in High Point, NC, offer a range of transmission services, and they want vehicle owners to understand the scope of this mechanical niche. From routine car maintenance to significant repairs, here are five of the most common transmission services.

Auto Repair Pros List 5 Common Transmission Services

1. Fluid Check

A fluid check should be a regular part of your vehicle's maintenance schedule. Your technician will check your transmission fluids and top them off when necessary to keep your vehicle’s inner workings up and running.

2. Transmission Flush

Around every 50,000 miles or so, depending on the make and model of your car, it pays to schedule a transmission flush. After draining all of the oil within the transmission and using a specially designed machine, new fluid is pushed through the system to clean out debris or buildup. A transmission flush prevents sludge from causing malfunctions.

3. Resealing

Resealing is designed to halt and prevent leaks around your transmission. If you notice a leak or a specialist sees your seal is cracked while completing another transmission service, they'll inspect all seals and replace the damaged ones. This service helps maintain your transmission fluid level between checks.

4. Rebuilding

auto repairTo rebuild your transmission, an auto technician must switch out many of the old parts with new, fully functioning pieces. This process provides drivers with like-new transmissions while eliminating the cost of a complete replacement.

5. Replacement

A full-on transmission replacement is reserved for dire circumstances—when the extent of the damage goes beyond what a rebuild can cover. The benefit of a replacement is that you don't have to worry about misdiagnosed problems. Instead, your car will be fitted with a brand-new system.

When it comes to your car’s transmission, it's crucial to choose a shop you can trust. Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center is known for their reliable and affordable auto repair services. Whether you need routine maintenance or transmission repairs, they will get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Request a quote for your transmission service on their website or by calling (336) 841-6553.

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