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Why You Should Schedule Heating Service Tuneups in the Summer July 10, 2017

Moodus, Middlesex
Why You Should Schedule Heating Service Tuneups in the Summer, Moodus, Connecticut

Most people don’t give much thought to their heating system during the summer months. After all, with temperatures and humidity soaring, turning up the heat is the last thing you’d be interested in doing. But as heating service professionals explain, summer is the ideal time to schedule a maintenance inspection and tuneup for your home heating system.

heating serviceWhy should you schedule a maintenance inspection during the summer? It comes down to availability. During the winter months, heating service companies get inundated with requests for tuneup and repair visits. While professionals will still do everything in their power to set up convenient appointments, the wait time tends to be longer during the winter due to increased demand. Request service in the summer and take advantage of a more flexible schedule

More importantly, you don’t want to find out that something is wrong with your heating system when you try to turn it on after a surprise cold front comes through. A tuneup and inspection during the summer will ensure that any needed repairs have been taken care of in advance so that your system will work when cold weather arrives. An inspection can also check that your heating system works at an optimal level, ensuring debris doesn’t get in the way of efficiency.


The team at Dutch Oil Co. in Moodus, CT, provides thorough tuneups in which they vacuum clean the furnace and other components, lubricate the motors and shaft, and clean or replace air filters. They will also conduct an efficiency test of your system to ensure it’s providing proper air and fuel mixture. From AC and heating repair to oil delivery, their team will make sure your family stays comfortable year-round. To learn more about their heating service offerings in Middlesex County, visit them online or call (860) 873-3876.

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