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Is it Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater? July 14, 2017

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Is it Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater? , Henrietta, New York

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the water tank sitting in your basement or garage—that is, until your morning shower is ice-cold. While you can repair your hot water heater and keep it running for a few more years, sometimes, replacement is the better option.

The experts at Anderson Water Systems have provided high-quality filtration systems and hot water heaters to the residents of Rochester, NY, since 1954. With their extensive supply of insulated and tankless water heaters, they will ensure you never have to endure an upstate New York winter in the cold. But if your water isn’t hot enough, do you have to replace your heater, or can it be repaired? It all depends on the problem.

Learning When to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

How Does a Hot Water Heater Work?

Cold water enters the heater tank from the bottom, through the supply tube. Then, it’s heated in the tank itself, either with gas or electricity. The water leaves the tank from the top, through the delivery pipe. If the heat or pressure becomes too high, water is released through the temperature-and-pressure valve into a tube above the floor.

How Do You Spot the Problem?

hot water heaterLuckily, the few components of a hot water heater are fairly straightforward, so getting to the root of the problem isn’t difficult. If you have an electric heater and the water isn’t hot enough, try resetting the thermostat. This component controls the water’s temperature, so if it’s too low, your water will be lukewarm or cold. If your thermostat is fine, make sure your heater is connected to the power or gas supply and that your tank is flushed of built-up dirt and debris. If left to sit, this sediment will keep the water from heating and lead to corrosion. If there’s a leak, try finding the source before calling for a replacement: if it’s coming from surrounding pipes, a plumber can fix it. If the tank itself is leaking, you have a bigger problem.

When Should You Replace?

If water is leaking from the tank, the only option is to replace your hot water heater. This usually indicates the tank has corroded due to the friction caused by water and debris.

However, you shouldn’t wait for your tank to leak before replacing your hot water heater; leaks can wreak havoc on your walls and floor and lead to mold growth. Hot water heaters usually last eight to 12 years, so by the 10-year mark, start thinking about a replacement. Even if your heater can be repaired, it might be more cost-effective to replace the tank. At 10 years old, repairs won’t do much to increase a hot water heater’s service life, and new heaters are more energy-efficient than older models.

If you need your water heater replaced, call Anderson Water Systems at (800) 836-2509 to make an appointment. You can also visit their website for more information about their products and services, including standby generators and free clean water test kits.

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