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Manual or Electric? Pediatric Dentistry Experts Weigh in on Toothbrushes August 11, 2017

Kahului, Maui
Manual or Electric? Pediatric Dentistry Experts Weigh in on Toothbrushes, Kahului, Hawaii

Pediatric dentistry experts stress the importance of teaching children to brush their teeth correctly at an early age so they develop healthy habits for a lifetime. However, you might feel unsure whether to give them an electric toothbrush or manual version. Each has advantages, and the experts at Hawaii’s Pedodontic Associates, which provides dental care to families on Oahu and Maui, share insight to help you decide.

When used properly, both manual and electric toothbrushes are effective tools for cleaning teeth and promoting excellent oral health. Most pediatric dentists don’t favor one over the other in this respect.

However, an electric toothbrush has a smaller head that cleans only one tooth at a time, while a manual brush has a larger bristle surface that can target multiple teeth at once. Because children often are impatient or inattentive while brushing their teeth, they might be better off with a manual brush rather than an electric one that requires them to focus on each tooth separately. 

Pediatric dentistry Honolulu Aiea Kahului HIOn the other hand, you don’t have to be a pediatric dentistry expert to know children aren’t always enthusiastic about oral hygiene. If you can make it more exciting for them in any way, you should do so. Kids often think electric toothbrushes are more fun to use because they resemble gadgets and toys, and it’s easy to find themed versions based on their favorite television and movie characters. 

Your dental care professional can help you make the right choice for your child. That said, pediatric dentistry specialists often encourage parents to allow children to make the decision — when they can select their toothbrush, they will feel greater ownership of their dental care. What matters most is that they learn to brush correctly and consistently. 

To put your child on the path to excellent oral health, turn to the pediatric dentistry experts at Hawaii’s Pedodontic Associates. To schedule a dental appointment, call (808) 487-7933 in Aiea, (808) 735-1733 in Honolulu, or (808) 877-0066 in Kahului. Visit their website for necessary forms and follow them on Twitter for updates from their clinics.

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