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3 Perks of Hiring Outside Payroll Services for Your Business July 13, 2017

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3 Perks of Hiring Outside Payroll Services for Your Business, Texarkana, Texas

Handling payroll can bog down your accounting department, especially if you’re using dated systems. This robs your company of valuable time and money, which is why many companies turn to outside payroll services. Erie & Associates, P.C. in Texarkana, TX, shares that passing the heavy-lifting to a certified accounting firm can relieve your company of stress and complications. This makes it easier to run your business while also feeling confident knowing your payroll needs are in professional hands. 

3 Perks of Hiring Outside Payroll Services

1. Tax Experience

payroll services Businesses of every type and size deal with government and state tax regulations. These trickle down to each employee, and when benefits enter the equation, organization only becomes more complicated. This can lead to mispayments, overpayments, and even audits, which is why it’s best to leave payroll services to professionals. A certified accountant will be up-to-date with any regulation changes and will ensure you’re following every rule.

2. Security

Corporations are under constant fire from domestic and international hackers—and even employees—searching for a way to break into their funds. A security breach can be fatal for your finances. While the numbers still connect to the company, moving payroll services outside your office offer a new layer of protection to the system. Though it’s only one angle, this added benefit will help bolster the security that’s so crucial to employee paychecks, retirements funds, and more.

3. Saving Time & Money

Cumbersome payroll protocol can tie up in-house accounting services for days. This takes them away from more active transactions and financial management. Wasted time translates to wasted money, which is yet another reason to outsource your payroll services. Dedicated payroll accountants usually work on a flat-fee, retainer-based contract and will provide comprehensive reports your accounting team can easily use without spending extra time on the clock.

If you’re considering outsourcing payroll services, turn to accountants at Erie & Associates, P.C. They offer comprehensive payroll accounting and will work to provide reliable solutions to help you streamline your business. Call (903) 792-6651 to schedule a consultation, and visit the website to learn more about the services available.

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