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Water Purification Company Shares 4 Easy Ways to Conserve at Home July 11, 2017

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Water Purification Company Shares 4 Easy Ways to Conserve at Home, Henrietta, New York

While 70% of the planet is covered in water, only 2.5% of that supply can be used for cooking, drinking, and other household activities. With these limitations in mind, it’s smart to conserve clean water at home. Anderson Water Systems specializes in water purification to provide New York State homeowners with easier, healthier, more mindful everyday lives. Here, they recommend a few ways you can conserve your water in your own home.

Water Purification Experts on Conservation: Tips to Cut Back

1. Scrape Dishes

water purificationWith the advanced technology in today’s dishwashers, most families don’t need to rinse their dishes before loading them in. Just scraping off plates or bowls before running the cycle will do the trick. Check your dishwasher’s settings to see if you really need to be rinsing your dishes.

2. Compost

Each time you put something down the garbage disposal, you use a lot of running water. Try composting your food scraps rather than grinding them up in the sink. You’ll save a significant number of gallons, and as a bonus, enjoy homemade fertilizer for your garden.

3. Turn off the Faucet

You could save up to eight gallons of water a day by turning off the faucet while you brush. Running the faucet needlessly for a couple of minutes while you brush twice a day wastes an incredible amount of fresh water. The same goes for similar tasks such as washing your face and scrubbing dishes.

4. Time Your Sprinklers

Program your automatic sprinklers to operate early in the morning, before temperatures rise. Running your sprinklers when the sun is high on a hot summer day wastes water, as more than half of it can be lost in evaporation before it even touches your greenery. In the early morning, more of the water can reach the roots, allowing plants to thrive and keeping water use low.

Conserving water with the steps above will help you feel good about your impact on the planet and save money on your water bill. For the best household supply, look into water purification solutions with Anderson Water Systems. They have water softening systems, reverse osmosis filtration, and water filters, which all provide pure, clean water for your home. Contact them online or at (585) 385-6610 to get started.

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