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Urgent Care Providers Share Crucial Pool Safety Tips July 3, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Urgent Care Providers Share Crucial Pool Safety Tips, Manhattan, New York

Swimming is a staple of summer. Tragically though, hundreds of kids fall victim to drowning each year. The urgent care providers at 181st Street Urgent Care Center in New York, NY, advise communicating a clear set of rules to avoid accidents and promote safety, both in and around the swim area. 

Here they’ve provided some safety tips to follow for keeping your family and friends protected:

  • Never Leave Children Unattended: Even with a lifeguard present, parents and guardians should keep a close eye on their children. When you step away, designate a responsible individual to supervise in your stead. As an added precaution, provide inexperienced and younger swimmers with a lifejacket.
  • urgent-careTeach Children to Swim: Aside from the fun of it, swimming is an invaluable lifesaving skill. Enroll your children in age-appropriate swimming lessons and encourage them to practice the water safety tips they learn at home.
  • Secure Your Pool: Even with supervision, kids move fast and incidents may occur before an adult can reach them. To safeguard against accidents, install proper barriers, fences, covers, and alarms.
  • Learn CPR: Urgent care is not always available at a moment’s notice. By enrolling in a CPR class, you will be able to provide timely aid to drowning victims.
  • Know the Rules: Establish a set of safety rules for your kids to follow around the pool. It’s better to have them know in advance not to run, dive, and to avoid drain covers, rather than to yell a warning to avoid them getting hurt.

Even with safety as a priority, accidents happen. Should you or a loved one experience a pool-related injury, the medical care professionals at 181st Street Urgent Care Center are here to help! As a bilingual healthcare provider, their walk-in clinic provides fast, friendly service in both English and Spanish across a variety of areas, including adult medicine and pediatric care. Call (347) 756-6000 to book a same day appointment or stop by their website to learn more about their urgent care services.

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