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Expert Home Builders Explain Why Summer Is Perfect for Your Project June 27, 2017

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Expert Home Builders Explain Why Summer Is Perfect for Your Project, Rockford, Illinois

Home builders advise that summer is the ideal time to pursue your project. Aside from the pleasant weather, these months open the door for deals and optimal settings. Below, the experienced custom home builders at New Leaf Homes in Rockford, IL, list several benefits of choosing summer for your plans. 

3 Reasons to Build a Home in the Summer


Summer in Rockford brings cozy temperatures. And with spring out of the way, the chance for rain decreases. Steady, warm weather provides the ideal conditions for uninterrupted work and allows home builders to stick to a timeline. Also, if the foundation and structural work are completed before autumn, you could be able to move into your new home just in time for the holidays—though, this depends on the scope of your project.

Foundation Benefits

home builders A solid concrete foundation serves as the starting point for the rest of the project and can impact construction moving forward. Dry summer air creates ideal conditions for digging, and once the concrete is poured, will help it cure evenly. The lack of rain will also aid in the curing process.

Site Visits

Investing in a newly built home is an exciting endeavor, and you’re probably eager to see the final results. With pleasant weather throughout the season, you can easily visit the construction site and see how the build is progressing. And if you’re moving to a new area, this is the perfect time to explore your new community and see how the locals take advantage of summer. Visit nearby parks, scope out the local shops, and dine at the latest restaurants—this will soon be the area you call home!

If you’re ready to build a new home, turn to the professionals at New Leaf Homes. With over 70 years of combined experience, they offer the expertise and knowledge to bring your vision to life. Call (815) 977-5753 today to schedule a consultation and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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