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3 Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard June 29, 2017

Westminster, Adams
3 Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard, Westminster, Colorado

A mouthguard is an essential piece of athletic equipment for contact sports and isn’t something to cut corners on. To ensure the best protection, mouthguards should be custom made. But according to the dental team at Smile Rockers PLLC in Westminster, CO, many people often forego this necessity. A mouthguard is the only protection your teeth get from the trauma of a collision or fall, so consider these benefits of investing in a custom piece.

3 Reasons to Opt for a Custom Mouthguard

1. Secure Fit

mouth guard No two mouths are alike, which means the only mouthguard that can truly protect your teeth is one that’s custom made. Once it’s precisely shaped to fit over your teeth, your mouthguard will protect edges, corners, and tight spaces that are susceptible to injury. This can stop small chips and breaks and will better protect lower areas where trauma may loosen a tooth. Regular mouthguards only create a basic buffer and can’t offer the same degree of protection.

2. Easier to Breathe

Large, clunky mouthguards can interfere with airflow. As an athlete, this can drastically impact your performance. High-intensity sports require uninhibited breathing, and since custom mouthguards are designed to be an exact fit, there’s no extra material clogging breathing spaces. This also provides you with more comfort, which means you won’t waste time constantly trying to keep your mouth guard in place.

3. Concussion Protection

As one of the most hotly-debated topics in sports, concussions warrant significant attention. Although helmets are the primary safety measure, mouthguards make a difference, as well, as the mouth often absorbs much of the impact. A custom mouthguard will offer more efficient absorption and may mean the difference in stopping a concussion from happening.

Whether you’re interested in getting fitted for a custom mouthguard or just need a dental hygiene checkup, turn to the dental professionals at Smile Rockers PLLC. They offer comprehensive dental treatment services and can help you keep your smile in perfect form. Call (303) 952-9796 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website and Facebook page to learn about their teeth whitening services.

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