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Sell Your Jewelry for Fast Cash at AZ Pawn July 21, 2017

Norwich, New London
Sell Your Jewelry for Fast Cash at AZ Pawn, Norwich, Connecticut

When you're in a financial bind, a reputable pawn shop can be an important resource. They offer fast cash for used items of all kinds, from musical instruments to gold and silver coins and jewelry. AZ Pawn, a trusted fixture in Norwich, CT for more than 15 years, explains below how to sell your used jewelry. They are open seven days a week, so they are always available when you need a cash influx.

How to Sell Your Jewelry for Fast Cash

Decide if You Really Want to Sell

You can get more money by selling your jewelry outright, but most pawn shops are happy to loan you a percentage of the item's value if you leave it with them as collateral. If you elect to take a loan, you have a certain amount of time to redeem the item (often 60 days) before the transaction defaults to a sale. If you sell the item outright, you can often get as much as 80% of the retail value for your items, considerably more than you'd get for a loan.

Get an Appraisal

TFast cash in Norwich, CTake your items to an independent appraiser so you know how much it's worth before trying to sell it to a pawn broker for fast cash. This gives you a point of reference and a position from which negotiate a better price.


Shop your items around to multiple pawn shops, and don't be afraid to negotiate the price. If one broker offers you too little, take your jewelry elsewhere; perhaps they have a demand for your items and are willing to pay more.

Sell High-End Items

High-quality, expensive items and designer necklaces are always in demand, so pawn brokers are often willing to pay more for such items. If you plan to sell your jewelry, sell your best stuff to get the best price.

AZ Pawn has a reputation throughout Norwich, CT, for fair business practices and impeccable service, so they should be your first stop if you need fast cash. They buy jewelry, musical instruments, tools, guns, gold and silver coins, motor vehicles, and any other valuables you may have. Visit their Facebook page for contact details and directions, or call (860) 889-4474 to discuss terms with a friendly representative.

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