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Is Lead Truly Dangerous? Blairsville’s Water Filtration Pros Explain July 20, 2017

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Is Lead Truly Dangerous? Blairsville’s Water Filtration Pros Explain, Hiawassee, Georgia

When you are exposed to water contaminated with lead, you won’t be able to notice any difference in the taste, smell, or even appearance of the water. Because of its subtle presence, it can be easy to assume lead isn’t a problem, but in reality, it will cause major harm if it finds its way into your water supply. Serving Blairsville, GA, Chem Free Pure Water Systems has the capability to help you detect the presence of lead and remove it. Known for their impressive water filtration systems, treatments, and other solutions, these professionals won’t rest until your water is 100% healthy. 

The science leaves no doubt: Exposure to lead does extraordinary damage to the health of both children and adults. Kids are even more vulnerable, since even a low level of exposure will lead to substantial problems. With enough lead in the water supply, children may develop learning issues, lose some of their hearing, and even stop growing. Their blood cells may become less healthy, and their cognitive functioning may be impaired. If there are kids in your home, it’s imperative to have your water tested to ensure their safety. With the help of a water filtration system, you can prevent lead from entering your household.

water filtrationWhile their risk level is slightly lower, adults are also susceptible to lead’s ill effects. Exposure can lead to problematic kidneys and even organ failure. It can also be a trigger for high blood pressure and a variety of cardiovascular problems. Pregnant women are among the most vulnerable populations of adults when it comes to lead. Too much exposure could cause premature birth. 

To ensure you and your family never have to deal with these health maladies, speak to Chem Free Pure Water Systems about getting your water tested. You can contact the water filtration experts by calling (800) 657-5150. For more information about the company, visit their website

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