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Avoid Fines With Grease Trap Pumping July 10, 2017

Country Club, Lincoln
Avoid Fines With Grease Trap Pumping, Lincoln, Nebraska

If you run a commercial kitchen, you have more regulations to worry about than a cook at home. Your local government keeps an eye out for problems—including contamination from sewer lines with the large quantities of grease your kitchen produces every day. To prevent this, you kitchen is equipped with a grease trap, but just having this device isn't enough. To avoid fines and legal troubles over sewer cleaning, you need grease trap pumping.

A grease trap works by directing your wastewater into a tank that is divided by a series of baffles. This tank slows the flow of wastewater, allowing solids to sink and grease to float to the top. The remaining wastewater is allowed through to the main sewer line.

grease trap pumpingHowever, this system is not infallible. If too many solids are present, they'll overfill their designated areas and begin flowing out of the system with the wastewater. For this reason, regular grease trap pumping is a must to make room for more. How often you need this service depends on the capacity of your system and how much use it sees. Pumping and drain inspection every three months or so are fairly normal requirements, but if your restaurant is especially busy, you may need pumping more often.

If you fail to have your grease trap checked and serviced adequately, the consequences can be dire. Grease in the sewer system causes blockages, which can lead to backups that put sewage back onto the streets and private property. For this reason, a city that discovers you’re pumping grease into the sewer system may levy significant fines. Additionally, your grease trap itself can become a source of foul odors and decay if it’s not cleaned properly. To protect your restaurant from fines and from unsanitary conditions, schedule your next grease trap pumping today.


Taylor's Drain & Sewer Service provides Lincoln, NE, businesses and residents with drain cleaning and septic pumping services, including grease trap pumping. To schedule a visit, call them at (402) 474-5213 or send a message online.

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