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3 Life Lessons from Escape Rooms June 19, 2017

Tylersville, West Chester
3 Life Lessons from Escape Rooms, West Chester, Ohio
3 Life Lessons I learned from Escape Rooms
1)      Communication: Good communication is key to winning at escape rooms and in life. When you find a key, a clue or solve a puzzle it is important tell the to your teammates. Just like in life you need to actively comminute what is happening. If it is with your coworkers, friends or life partners, it is important to not only tell them what is happening but make sure they are listening and hearing what is important to you. Communication is a two way street in the escape room and more importantly in life.
2)      Organization: The easiest way to lose in an escape room is to be disorganized. Moving to many things around or throwing things not only makes a mess but will make it difficult associate what items are needed to solve a puzzle. Organization will help you to win at life. Making lists and creating a structure with in your schedule will have to make everything easier.
3)      Don’t be scared to ask for help: Can I have a clue? Sometimes we get stuck on a puzzle and we are scared to ask for a clue or spend more time debating to ask for a clue or not then actually solving the puzzle. Many times we have the right idea or are on the right track but maybe missing something. In life when we struggle don’t be scared or ashamed to ask for help or a “clue”. It is better to ask for help or advise then doing the wrong thing or wasting too much time when some friendly help is all we need.

The most important lesson of all HAVE FUN!

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