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5 Ways a Paint Party Could Improve Your Life June 20, 2017

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
5 Ways a Paint Party Could Improve Your Life, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Hanging out with friends, trying something different, and possibly adding a little wine to the experience is a recipe for fun. But the instructors at Artherapy Studios in Maryland Heights, MO, explain that attending a paint party can offer plenty of other benefits you may not be expecting.

5 Benefits of Expressing Your Creativity at a Paint Party

1. Brain Stimulation

Painting activates both hemispheres of the brain, which means you think both logically and creatively to create your masterpieces. As a result, painters not only experience improved memory but also get to challenge their thoughts in an exciting way.

2. A New Connection to Art

During a paint party, you’ll learn about several techniques that famous painters have used when creating their pieces. This one-on-one connection to the craft will help you develop a new understanding of art history and the culture it represents. As you learn more, you may find visiting an art class is a more tantalizing and rewarding experience.

3. Improved Coordination

paint partyAs you cover your canvas, you may use your hands differently than usual to balance your paintbrush and apply it in various ways. The unique experience is great for improving your coordination and mastering patience and precision. If you have a young child developing motor skills, or an elderly parent who needs to keep using theirs, attending a paint party for kids or paint party for seniors is also an excellent way to enhance their dexterity.

4. Stress Relief

Many consider painting to be a therapeutic experience, as it allows the mind to decompress and forces the body to loosen up and relieve tension. Whether you’re painting through your emotions or simply taking a break from your daily routine, you’ll find creating art is helpful for eliminating stress.

5. Stronger Self-Esteem

For the untrained artist, painting can seem like an impossible feat. However, under the instruction of an expert, you can discover artistic abilities you didn’t know you had. Once you complete your work at a paint party, you’ll be proud of your results and maybe develop a little more confidence along the way.


Discovering the joys and benefits of painting is easy when you attend a session at Artherapy Studios. You can jump right in without investing much in supplies or taking years of lessons. Whether you want to have a wine painting party with friends or redefine date night, this arts and crafts studio makes it fun and convenient. Visit them online to learn more about their offerings, or call (314) 249-2800 to register for an upcoming class.

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