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Puppy Wellness Plan June 18, 2017

Puppy Wellness Plan, ,

Adorable as we are we puppies, we are a lot of work.  But we are sooooooooo worth it!  And my friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital are here to help with a preventative health maintenance plan for your dog.  It all starts with a physical exam, parasite tests, and deworming.  Vaccines start at 7-9 weeks of age, and spaying/neutering within the first seven months (before the first heat cycle).

Just like my feline friends, the PWP includes some awesome perks as well.  You will receive a puppy kit including great information, toothpaste and finger brush, a leash, and treats. There are also discounts on many services like the spay/neuter, microchipping and grooming for the duration of the one year plan.

The services and values are endless (well it seems that way at least), so be sure to call LVH or go to for additional information.  It is too good to pass up!

Come back next week for a recap of the KWP and the PWP, and a look into our kitty adoption as well.


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