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Animal Care Experts List 4 Things You May Not Know About Dogs July 3, 2017

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Animal Care Experts List 4 Things You May Not Know About Dogs , Springfield, Ohio

Dogs are some of the most popular pets worldwide. These canine companions are generally good-natured, trainable, and can offer a decade or more of friendship. Despite their popularity, it seems that there is still much that surprises their owners, particularly those who have never had a dog in the past.

Learning as much as you can about dogs can help you to become a better owner and provide the animal care your pup needs. Continue reading below as the pet wellness team from TLC Pet Care Centers, an animal hospital in Cincinnati, OH, lists some surprising facts about dogs.

Animal Care Experts List 4 Things You May Not Know About Dogs

1. Pups Chase Their Tails for Many Reasons

Few people have watched a dog chasing their tail and not been amused by the act. Tail-chasing is a common activity and is generally harmless. Pups may chase their tails for fun, to get some exercise, or as part of their predatory instincts. Some dogs may also chase their tails because they have fleas. If you notice your pup chasing their tail more than usual, contact your veterinarian to schedule a flea check.

2. They Have Heightened Senses

When it comes to their senses, dogs are far superior to us in a number of ways. Their ears are capable of hearing frequencies which are inaudible to humans. Their noses secrete special mucus which allows them to absorb scents from the air, and their scent is estimated to be around 10,000 times stronger than a humans. They also have natural night vision and better motion detection than humans.

3. Dogs’ Heart Rates Are Generally Higher Than Humans

animal careMany new dog owners become anxious and seek out animal care because they believe their pet’s heart rate is too high. However, the resting heart rate for most dogs is higher than that of a human. For larger breeds, the average heart rate is 60-100 bpm, while smaller breeds can reach up to 140 bpm.

4. Rapid Breathing Is Normal

In addition to a rapid heart rate, many pups also have very rapid breathing. On average, a dog will pant about 30-40 times per minute, but that number can increase to 300 pants or more if they are feeling hot or uncomfortable. If this occurs, do not fear, it is rarely dangerous or a sign of something serious.

For more dog facts and animal care tips, visit TLC Pet Care Centers. This animal clinic has locations in both east and west Cincinnati. To learn more about their services, visit them online. To schedule an appointment, call (513) 683-2300 for their east location and (513) 825-4011 for their west location.

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