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Your Guide to Water Softeners July 10, 2017

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Your Guide to Water Softeners, Hiawassee, Georgia

You’ve likely heard of a water softener and a filter, but what’s the difference? A filter is simply a screen through which water passes to remove impurities, while a water softener is considerably more complex. To help you understand how it works, Chem Free Pure Water Systems, the purification experts in Blairsville, GA, have put together a simple guide.  

What Is Water Softening?

Water softening is simply the process of removing calcium and magnesium from your water. These minerals enter the water as it travels through the soil or even through your pipes, and they leave a chalky white residue on your sink and tub and spots on your laundry and automobiles. Eventually, they can build up enough in your appliances to cause serious damage. Filtering these minerals out is impractical because the filters would quickly clog and require constant replacement. For this reason, the water softener was invented.

How Does Water Softening Work?           

Water softener in Blairsville, GAA water softener works using a process called "ion exchange," in which a tank filled with negatively charged resin beads is bathed in saltwater brine. The negative charge of the beads attracts the sodium ions in the saltwater and grabs onto them firmly. This attraction lasts until a positively charged ion comes along. In this case, this greater positive charge takes the form of calcium and magnesium in the hard water from your well or municipal system. The negatively charged resin beads drop the sodium ions and exchange them for the calcium and magnesium ions, removing the "hard" minerals and replacing them with sodium. For this reason, people with high blood pressure or who are on a low-sodium diet should use a potassium chloride water softener, which works just as well but costs more.

Chem Free Pure Water Systems can walk you through your purification, filtration, and softening options and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. Visit their website for contact information, or call (800) 657-5150 to speak to a friendly, helpful professional.

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