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Now Announcing the Grand Opening of Our New Dental Hygiene Office July 10, 2017

Westminster, Adams
Now Announcing the Grand Opening of Our New Dental Hygiene Office, Westminster, Colorado

At Smile Rockers PLLC in Westminster, CO, we make it our mission to provide patients with a convenient, anxiety-free dental hygiene experience. For this reason, we are pleased to announce the opening of our convenient new office! We are booking appointments now for our new facility, which will open on July 10th, 2017. 

Smile Rockers PLLC is dedicated to dental hygiene and offers it in a safe, comforting environment. If you need to see a dental professional but experience fear or anxiety in the dentist's office, we can help! Everyone who visits our office is there for oral exams, X-rays, teeth whitening, fluoride treatments, and cleanings—no invasive procedures. This means you won't have to listen to drills and other stress-inducing noises, so you can get your teeth cleaned in peace.

One of the best ways to ensure dental health is with preventative care, and this is where Smile Rockers PLLC excels. Your preventive plan will be tailored to you, taking into account your dental health, goals, and individual needs. With regular cleanings and exams, you can avoid tooth decay and gum disease, protecting your smile and eliminating the need to visit a dentist for treatment.

Even if you already experience gum disease, Smile Rockers PLLC offers periodontal therapy to maintain your oral health. This deep cleaning and gum maintenance treatment helps combat the deterioration of the gums and jawbone associated with advanced periodontal disease. Through periodontal therapy, you can protect your smile from loose or lost teeth and lay the groundwork for recovery from gum disease.

If you need dental hygiene care, turn to Smile Rockers PLLC in Westminster, CO. Call today to book your appointment and be one of the first to enjoy our new office! You can reach us at (303) 952-9796 or contact us online to learn more today.

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