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Upgrading to Modern Furniture: Where to Begin June 16, 2017

Brownsville, Brooklyn
Upgrading to Modern Furniture: Where to Begin, Brooklyn, New York

If your furniture and living quarters suddenly look dated and boring, it may be time for an upgrade. While a few vintage or older pieces can add interest, too many can bog down your look. Fortunately, introducing a few pieces of stylish, modern furniture will revolutionize your space. The savvy professionals from NY Mattress Outlet in Brooklyn, NY, have the advice you need to cultivate an inviting, on-trend home.

Modern Furniture 101: What to Swap & What to Save

Think Big

It makes sense that the largest piece of furniture in the room draws the most attention. If you want to change the vibe of your space, always start with the biggest, boldest piece. In the living room, for example, the sofa probably takes the cake. Whether you want to go minimal or edgy, choose a piece with a modern shape, color, and details. Once you swap out this piece, you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Assess Staples

modern furnitureAfter replacing the largest pieces in the room, you may wish to assess your room’s staples. Entertainment centers, cocktail tables, armoires, and coffee tables all fit into this category. These items don’t necessarily use up a lot of space, but they still make a major difference in terms of style. Since they are frequently used, they also draw attention. Consider swapping out a few of these items with stylish, modern furniture you love until you achieve your desired look.


Once you’ve upgraded major and minor pieces, it’s time to accessorize. A large, abstract painting or sculpture catches the eye and adds a breadth of energy to the room. Even small upgrades like ceramic hanging planters, unique picture frames, and attention-grabbing lampshades can do the trick.

For a huge selection of sofas, bed frames, and other modern furniture pieces, look no further than NY Mattress Outlet. Stop by the Christopher Avenue location today or visit the store’s website to browse the selection. If you have any questions, call a friendly representative at (718) 395-7280. You can also find them on Facebook.

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