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What to Expect During a Teeth Cleaning June 28, 2017

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What to Expect During a Teeth Cleaning, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Maintaining optimum oral hygiene requires undergoing regular teeth cleanings. Knowing what to expect during a cleaning can make for a more relaxing process, which is why Dr. James A. Williams and his great dental care team are so trusted among patients in Jacksonville, AR. Not only does this skilled and caring dentist provide a wide range of treatments, but he can also provide the information you need to ensure your next cleaning goes off without a hitch.

Why Are Teeth Cleanings Performed?

Over time, your teeth with accumulate plaque and tartar, which can be a prime breeding ground for harmful bacteria. While brushing and flossing are imperative for keeping bacteria at bay, they are not enough for you to maintain a bright and healthy smile. Professional teeth cleanings provide an added layer of protection against decay by getting into those hard-to-reach areas which may be missed when brushing.

What Tools Are Used?

teeth cleaningTo get an effective clean, your dentist will need to use a special set of tools. Hand tools, such as scrapers, can get into tight cracks and crevices to remove plaque from teeth. Your dentist may also use an ultrasonic device that removes buildup on teeth via vibration. A polisher is also utilized, which works in conjunction with an abrasive paste to leave teeth shiny and smooth.

Are There Additional Steps Involved?

Your dentist may also apply fluoride, which is essential for keeping teeth healthy and strong. Dental professionals also check for the development of any new cavities during cleanings, which may result in more comprehensive procedures.

Jacksonville patients have come to know and love the top care provided by James A. Williams and the rest of his respected dental staff. If you’d like to arrange a teeth cleaning for you or a member of your family, call (501) 982-5384 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit this practice online for more information on the range of treatments available.

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