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3 Tips on Handling Collision Repair After an Accident June 19, 2017

East Hanover, Morris County
3 Tips on Handling Collision Repair After an Accident, East Hanover, New Jersey

From fender benders to full-on auto collisions, dealing with repairs after an accident is no fun for anyone. Collision repair can mean expensive bills, down time without a car, and other hassles for you and your family. To help you manage your way through getting your car repaired after an accident, the professionals from C&L Auto Body in East Hanover, NJ, have three pieces of advice to ease your stress.

3 Tips on Handling Collision Repair After an Accident

1. Call Insurance First

This is the most important step, and it should be done quickly. As soon as you have moved to a safe location after an accident, spoken with the police, and traded information with all parties involved in the accident, call your insurance company to explain the situation. Some adjusters may even want to come to the site of the accident if they are nearby to help assess the damage if your car is not drivable. They will also be able to recommend auto body shops to have your car towed to or help you set up a rental car if needed.

2. Have Your Car Fixed as Soon as Possible

collision repairSituations vary, but most insurance companies will request you receive a few quotes from auto body shops and choose the fairest price. Once you have agreed on where your car will be fixed, it’s best to have the work taken care of immediately. Insurance companies are usually good about getting expenses covered, but it can take weeks or even months before the money is returned to you — so the sooner the work is done, the sooner you will be paid back and on the road again.

3.  Find a Qualified Collision Center

When an accident occurs, expenses can quickly pile up, and it’s easy to choose the cheapest option for repairs. However, affordable does not always equal the highest quality work. Check with your auto body shop and make sure they are well reviewed and qualified to fix your car the right way. While a minor bumper repair will be easy for most collision shops to handle, major body work should be left in the hands of highly experienced and capable professionals.

If you are in need of collisions repair or auto body work in the East Hanover area, look no further than the expert team from C&L Auto Body. Their years of experience serving New Jersey will leave you with a car that looks like new after an accident. Call them at (973) 428-4747 to set up an estimate, or visit their website to see all their offered services. You can also find the shop on Facebook.

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