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Auto Expert Advises Choosing the Right Product for Your Next Oil Change June 19, 2017

Kannapolis, Rowan
Auto Expert Advises Choosing the Right Product for Your Next Oil Change, Kannapolis, North Carolina

If you’re in need of an oil change, there are many alternatives available other than the standard oil always used in car engines in the past. Since you want your engine to function at its finest, selecting the right oil type is vital. As the area’s premier tire dealer and auto maintenance team, Kannapolis, North Carolina’s Brothers Tire Sales provide their expert opinion regarding your oil options. 

Conventional Oil

Most vehicles will run fine with conventional oil. This type works by protecting delicate engine parts from the wear and tear of the road. It also protects them from overheating and damaging your engine. Just keep on top of auto maintenance; scheduling an oil change every 3-5,000 miles is ideal.  

High Mileage

If your vehicle mileage is over 75,000, high mileage oil might be your ideal choice. This unique type is formulated specifically for high mileage vehicles, as it helps stop leaks and quiet noisy parts resulting from high use. With this specified formula, count on your vehicle lasting even longer. High mileage oil is created with protection in mind. 

Synthetic Oilimage

While conventional oil makes most vehicles run fine, synthetic oil outperforms it. If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, be prepared for a better overall driving experience. Since synthetic oil is purer, it’s gentler on your vehicle’s hard-working parts, improving performance during every ride. If you want extra performance for your money, synthetic is an ideal choice. 

Synthetic Blend

If you drive a truck that frequently hauls heavy loads, opt for an alternative that meets in the middle between protection and price. With all the wear and tear on your large vehicle, this mixture blends the benefits of conventional and synthetic choices to create the perfect substitute for heavy haulers. 

In need of an oil change? Whether your vehicle requires conventional or synthetic oil, the team at Brothers Tire Sales will find your ideal choice. More than just a tire dealer, there’s no job too big or small for these auto maintenance experts. Visit their website and Facebook for additional information, or call (704) 933-2203 to schedule your next service appointment today!

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